Covi Lease Return Assistance

Lease companies expect to have their car back in good condition. Get our expert assistance before returning your lease, especially if you have had a few scuffs and scraps along the way. Dealer's fees for repairs will be more than Covi auto reconditioning service. We perform quality work at very reasonable price.. So, you may save yourself a lot of money by actually getting it inspected by Covi Autobody before you actually return the car. Our professional team will examine, inspect your car and help prepare the necessary paperwork.

custom auto rebuildig



  • All keys to the leased vehicle
  • Owner's manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle Return Receipt & Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Receipts for completed repairs

We can recondition your leased vehicle today

Ask us for details in our custom auto reconditioning program

1968 Mustang Rebuilt by Covi

Ready for Return

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